Have you recently been diagnosed?

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer or any other life limiting illness we know that it can be overwhelming. We are here to help you.

Here at CancerCare we have decades of experience in supporting people who have just been diagnosed with cancer or are experiencing grief due to bereavement. We know that it can be pretty overwhelming and scary, and that you may have a lot of worries and questions. 

We can support you in all sorts of ways, from counselling to therapy, group sessions and activities, or just a bit of moral support. Contact us today and don't be nervous about it - we are here to help you if you need it, so drop us an email or give us a call and let's have a chat.

Contact us

Contact us

Initially some details will be taken over the phone and you will have an assessment visit booked.

For more information or to book

Call us on: 01524 381820
or Email: tct@cancercare.org.uk

Come and visit

Come and visit

When you arrive at one of our centres you will be greeted by one of our volunteer receptionists who will make you feel welcome and comfortable as you wait for your appointment with a member of our Therapy Co-ordination Team. 

Meet with us

Meet with us

Someone will then come and meet you and take you into one of our therapy rooms. They will then chat to you about the reasons for your visit to CancerCare and take you through all of the different therapies available to you. You will be given a welcome pack and you can choose which therapy you would like to try there and then, or take the pack home and read it and give us a ring once you have decided.

Get started

Get started

The next thing that will happen is that one of our therapists will give you a call and invite you in to begin your sessions with us. They will explain more about confidentiality, make all your appointments with you, make sure that you can get to us and that you know how to make contact with us if you need to cancel an appointment.

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