Are you a friend or family member?

A cancer diagnosis is not only a severe blow to the person with the disease but it can also have a profound effect on their family and friends.

From initial diagnosis to the different phases of their loved one’s treatment, they will often experience emotional distress, anxiety and disturbance of mood that they will find difficult to cope with while trying “be strong” for them.

At CancerCare we offer all our therapies to relatives and friends to help them deal with the often overwhelming feelings and lifestyle changes relating to caring for a loved one with cancer.

As well as improving the health and wellbeing of relatives/friends it can also help them be better able to provide the best support they can to the person in their life that needs it.

Talk to them about us

Talk to them about us

Have a chat and see if they are open to the idea of visiting one of our centres and finding out if one of our therapies/support groups could be right for them.

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