Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month - Dany's Story

Dany's Story

A CancerCare therapist who is receiving therapy after being treated for ovarian cancer is raising awareness about the condition as part of national Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Dany Brown lives in the Lyth Valley near Kendal and works as an aromatherapist at our Lancaster and Kendal centres.

Dany joined CancerCare after her husband received support from the charity after being diagnosed with multiple myeloma nine years ago, and then in August last year, Dany was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  

“A couple of months before my diagnosis I had been noticing a bit of discomfort in my back and was feeling the need to sit down a lot more. I was also often feeling tired and bloated which are the classic signs of ovarian cancer. I went for the tests and within a week had a call from the doctor and everything happened really quickly from then on,” said Dany.

Dany decided to work right up until the day before her hysterectomy operation, providing massages for CancerCare clients in a similar situation to herself.

After her operation, she has been undergoing chemotherapy treatment during which time she has been visiting CancerCare’s Kendal Centre on a weekly basis for aromatherapy treatments from her friend and colleague Diana Fenton.

Dany said:  “Coming in to see Diana is one of the highlights of my week.  It’s not just the benefits of the massage, I can unload everything I’m feeling, all the rubbish in my head that I can’t tell anyone else and she is a wonderful listener.

“Aromatherapy really works for me. I feel the benefits way beyond the appointment and it really helps me relax and sleep easier which is invaluable.”

Diana has been a therapist at CancerCare for 15 years and she said she had felt privileged to have been part of Dany’s recovery:

“I always look forward to seeing Dany. We are really comfortable with each other and it has been amazing to have been part of her recovery. It has been wonderful to see her come through such a difficult time and helping her with that has been fantastic,” said Diana.

Dany had her final round of chemotherapy earlier this month and she is looking forward to the side-effects of the treatment dissipating so she can return to work. She is also urging all women who may have their suspicions about possible symptoms to see their doctor immediately.

“Ovarian cancer is known as the ‘silent killer’ as the symptoms are often mild and there are no obvious lumps and bumps that can be seen or felt. I’m thankful that I caught it early so I would recommend that any woman experiencing feelings of discomfort, being bloated and needing to go to the toilet more than usual to seek advice as soon as you can,” she said.

For more information about ovarian cancer visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/ovarian-...

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