Working 9-to-5...

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2020 is a leap year – that means we all get one extra day on 29th February! We’re challenging you to use your extra day for good and donate one day’s wage in support of local families facing cancer or other life limiting conditions.

For most of us, the extra day will pass without much notice, but by donating the wages you would earn in a normal working day, you could make a huge difference to someone in our community experiencing cancer, illness or loss.

Working 9-to-5...


could provide one hour’s time with a CancerCare counsellor to help someone coming to terms with a diagnosis, exploring feelings after bereavement or coping with the demands of caring for a relative.

Working 9-to-5...


(equivalent to one day at minimum wage) could buy a month’s supply of milk for one of our centres so that we can welcome all our clients with a warm and comforting drink of tea or coffee.

Working 9-to-5...


could help to fund one of our group activities, such as art, woodwork, jewellery making or crafts, providing a creative outlet for feelings and a place to meet others facing similar issues.

Working 9-to-5...


an hour's minimum wage, could help buy a bottle of essential oil used in our soothing aromatherapy massages to help relieve the unpleasant side effects of cancer treatment and provide a relaxing environment to talk.


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