Taking therapy into people's homes during Covid-19

One of the holistic therapies offered by CancerCare is reiki, a Japanese technique which can help to aid relaxation and assist the relief of symptoms including pain, tension, anxiety and insomnia.

The recipient usually lies on a couch while the therapist uses their hands to channel and balance energy fields in and around their body to stimulate its healing potential.

‘Hands-on” reiki had to be stopped due to the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK, however, our Barrow-based therapist Andrea Husband is offering distance reiki sessions over the phone, direct into the recipient’s home.

One of the people she is helping is Mike Anderson from Barrow who, prior to the pandemic, was undergoing chemotherapy at The Christie in Manchester. His active treatment was postponed following the outbreak and he has since been experiencing a degree of pain and discomfort.

Prior to Covid, Andrea met Mike for weekly aromatherapy sessions at CancerCare’s Barrow Centre and she has adapted her technique to enable her to continue to treat him via the telephone.

Mike said: “I was having hands on therapy with Andrea prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, which I found to be very beneficial. Obviously that all stopped about 12 weeks ago as my wife and myself had to start shielding.

“I then started having sessions of distance reiki with Andrea which helped me immensely with pain relief and also the stress of what was going on. I was in quite a bit of pain with my back, neck, legs and groin to the point where I had to take strong painkillers , but when I've had my sessions of reiki that all eases away.

“As a cancer patient, it has been a bit of a rollercoaster but CancerCare has been there for me from the very beginning and I'm especially grateful to Andrea for her expert help and friendship on this journey.”

Reiki is just one of the therapies CancerCare is now delivering remotely.  Therapists are now also providing counselling, yoga, mindfulness and nutritional advice via telephone or online platforms such as Zoom.

Andrea said: “I am so proud of Mike because he has kept his spirits up throughout shielding and has accepted the distance reiki openly and with very positive results. He often feels heat during the sessions and doesn’t feel the need to take pain medication for a few days afterwards.” 

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