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You’d have thought, given the very nature of lockdown and social distancing, that our weekly art groups would have been the first of our activities to suffer during the current situation… think again!

Our art tutor Karen Slinger has been in regular contact with members of the group via WhatsApp and is helping them to keep creating via social media.

Karen explains: “The group set this up at the beginning of lockdown, and those that weren’t tech savvy certainly are now, and the support extends to telephone for the ones not using social media.

The group has a lot of humour and a very understanding supportive side. It helps that there’s always someone there in the happy and not-so-happy moments. It has been amazing to see and very motivating.”

The group have been getting their creative juices flowing on a variety of projects including gardening, photography, painting, iPad art, collage and written word. One of the members said the group had stopped her going “stir crazy” due to isolation as the only time she gets to go out is during doctor’s appointments.

Karen added: “The goal of CancerCare group activities is to enable socialising, build confidence, boost self-esteem, have fun, make new friendships and learn skills to cope with different situations. It’s inspiring and heart-warming to see that this is continuing to happen during these difficult times.”

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