Nutritional advice

One of the services we provide is nutritional advice from our expert nutritionist Suzee Tylee.

Perhaps one of the questions she gets asked most frequently is how to maximise the amount of vegetables in a meal without it being bland and boring. So, she has given us an example of the delicious recipes makes for herself and her family.

Looks fantastic and is vegan, low carb but definitely not taste free!

Suzee said: “Eat with your eyes. Did you know when you spend time imagining and creating food your body secretes more digestive juices- you absorb more nutrients and get less uncomfortable gut symptoms such as reflux and bloating.”

  • Roasted smokey tofu
  • Turmeric hummus
  • Grated beetroot and cumin
  • Sliced red cabbage with pink pepper corns and apple cider vinegar
  • My favourite smoked Applewood Vegan cheese ( from Sainsbury’s)
  • Peppery rocket
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • Homemade wild garlic and basil pesto with almonds and pine nuts (and lots of olive oil)
  • Giant mixed olives
  • All topped off with cumin and tamari mixed seeds and more olive oil

If you would like to know more about how nutritional advice with Suzee could benefit you, email or call 01524 381820

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