New online mindfulness classes

Our online mindfulness classes with David Faratian have been such a success, we are running another series beginning next month.

Mindfulness is a technique that can help people manage their anxieties, worries and fears by using strategies that help to tap in to the brain’s capacity to rewire and reset for greater peace of mind. It also promotes improved mental and physical functioning for better sleep and stress management.

The course, which will take place via the online conferencing platform Zoom, will cover cutting edge techniques for:
• Developing healthy daily practices for managing stress
• Learning how to control irrational and emotional thinking
• Managing poor mental energy and learning to think more clearly

To find out more contact David Faratian via email or text 07974 319510 with the message CANCERCARE Mindfulness.

A quote from one of the participants in the last block of classes said:

"If anyone is thinking about trying Mindfulness and/or feeling stressed, anxious or panicky, I would recommend this CancerCare course. I’ve just completed it online (Zoom) and it’s helped me. I’ve been trying mindfulness at home, following apps etc, but to find out about Mindfulness with someone there for guidance, advice and answering your questions, has been great. I‘m learning to control my anxiety using the techniques being shown to me. It’s still a learning progress, but I’m starting to feel in a little more control of my life." Karen Little

Participants must be eligible for CancerCare services either themselves or through a family member.

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