Men's Health Week 2019 - open up!

On Men's Health Week, just a few words about the importance of our Prostate Cancer Support Group.

It is still very much the case that there is a reluctance among men to talk about their health - particularly when it comes to cancer.

The group are made up of men who are undergoing, or have been through, treatment for prostate cancer and provide a welcoming and supportive forum for men to meet others, share experiences or simply feel that they are not alone.

It organises a year-round programme of events and talks from clinical experts, therapists etc and orgamnises fundraising events which in the past have helped raise the funds for new robotic surgery technology at Rosemere in Preston which has revolutionised the procedure. Making it less traumatic for the patients and easier for the surgeons.

Chair of the group Den Bray said: “We can offer a different perspective for people away from the clinical environment. We aren’t medical people but have invariably had treatment. We aim to help men realise they are not alone and encourage them to open up.”

Mike Anderson (pictured) is a regular at the Kendal support group and he said one of the big challenges was addressing a "head in the sand" mentality which is sadly all too prevalent.

Mike said: “It think it is very much a generational thing. Some older people still view cancer as ‘The Big C’ and just don’t want to talk about it. I am very open about it with my family, friends and colleagues and if I hear someone at work or in the club talking about cancer I’ll chat to them and talk about my own situation.

"Small things like that sometimes help change people’s attitudes.”

The groups meet regularly at Lancaster, Kendal and Barrow. More details here.

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