Med deliveries via "Superbike"!

Following the coronavirus outbreak we set up a community service with a helpline providing cancer med deliveries for people in isolation.

One of the volunteers is Ian Ledward who usually works as a geography and sports teacher at Lancaster Royal Grammar School, however, during lockdown, he has been helping as a medical supplies delivery driver and has done a number of runs across Lancashire for us.

Ian makes his drops on his Honda Fireblade 1000, a mean machine which has a top speed of more than 180mph.  He has enjoyed numerous trips across Europe on his bike, however, as the current situation has restricted non-essential travel, volunteering has enabled him to help people and indulge his passion for motorcycling.

Ian’s latest trip was a delivery in Claughton-on-Brock and he said:  “It has been great to be able to help people in isolation during this time.  They are always really grateful and it is lovely to feel you are giving something back.

“My teaching job is part time so I am hoping to carry on volunteering when everything goes back to normal,” he added.

 Great work Ian. Very much appreciated by us too!

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