Walk in friends’ honour is challenge of a lifetime

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Alison raises more than £7,000 for CancerCare

A woman who walked 100km in honour of two friends who had cancer has raised more than £7,000 for charity.

Alison Bargh, who runs CityBlock in Lancaster with her husband Trevor, has far exceeded her original target of £5,000 through the ‘Race to the Stones’ walk along The Ridgeway in Wiltshire.

Alison presented a cheque for £7,039.09 to CancerCare at the charity’s Slynedales base on Slyne Road on December 18.

She said: “I did the walk because a close friend of mine was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (a type of bone marrow cancer) and she was benefiting from support from CancerCare.

“Another close friend of mine passed away this year. He and his wife had support from CancerCare so I have first-hand knowledge of the charity’s work.

“The walk was my first major event to raise funds for CancerCare.”

Alison completed the walk in 27 hours with her friend, Helen Ashton from Lancaster, who is married to the former England rugby union coach, Brian Ashton. Helen completed her challenge for Wiltshire Portage, a charity that helps pre-school children with additional support needs.

Alison said: “The walk was tough both physically and mentally - we had never walked 100km before.

“There was only so much I could do to prepare for the challenge as I was so busy.

“The actual walk was bizarre. We had to wear head torches to walk through the night and it was extremely difficult to follow the trail. We were waiting for the dawn and it broke suddenly. It was great to be part of such an amazing event.”

Alison said she was well supported by local people and businesses to get above the £7,000 mark.

She added: “There was great camaraderie during the walk and Helen and I have developed a close bond.

“My three sons have all said they are very proud of what I have achieved. They had full faith that I would cross the finish line.

“During the walk the pain was excruciating as my knees were playing up.

“I just thought, whatever my friends had been through, the pain I was feeling was nothing in comparison.”


Neil Townsend, Chief Executive of CancerCare, said: “Alison has achieved a great thing by completing the 100km challenge.

“We would like to thank Alison for her dedication and for doing the walk in honour of her friends who received support from CancerCare.

“It is people such as Alison who enable us to keep providing free support services to families affected by cancer.”


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