Seminars will deal with health issues in the workplace

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CancerCare chief executive to speak on care

CancerCare's chief executive, Neil Townsend, will be speaking at two healthcare seminars in January and there is still time to register to take part.

Neil will be speaking about how busineses can support employees with cancer at the Healthcare in the Workplace seminars organised by Baines Wilson Lawyers.

Other topics covered by keynote speakers will include the 'ageing workforce', mental health, 'reasonable adjustments' and presenteeism.

Baines Wilson says issues around mental and physical health are some of the hardest conversations to have with employees but we need to start talking about them.

A spokesperson said: "As an employer you have to ask whether your business is capable of identifying when employees are struggling and how your organisation responds to the issues raised.

"We will address some of the most difficult issues that can affect your employees and your business."

Often employees are either directly affected or many could be supporting family and friends with one or more of the issues to be discussed. It’s not easy and there can be a lack of understanding about the impact on business and how to support employees. Employees don’t leave these at the door when they begin work and we should not pretend that they do.

The speakers will be as follows:

Dealing with an ageing workforce: Dr Tony Mawson, Consultant Occupational Physician of Organisational Healthcare, will talk about the challenges and health strategies for employers in managing an ageing workforce.

David Nicholson, Group HR Director and Deborah Birch Senior HR Advisor at James Cropper Plc, will discuss their phased retirement scheme.

Quiz: Tom Scaife, Partner with Baines Wilson will cover a myriad of health related questions.

Talking to employees with mental health conditions: Vicki Hastings, Clinical Psychologist of Cumbria Stress and Trauma Centre and Melanie Joseph, Managing Director of Mente, will discuss how to have conversations with employees who have mild to moderate mental health issues.

Doctor says No: Caroline Rayner, Associate with Baines Wilson LLP will dispel the myths about employers not being able to talk to employees who are signed off sick and refuse to have contact with their employers.

Employees with cancer: Neil Townsend, Chief Executive Officer CancerCare (North Lancashire and South Cumbria), will explain to delegates how to deal with employees with cancer diagnosis.

Presenteeism: Dr Tony Mawson, Consultant Occupational Physician of Organisational Healthcare, discuss the problems of presenteeism on your business.

There will be a panel discussion at the end of the morning and afternoon sessions, when you will have the opportunity ask any questions on any issues.

Dates and details:

Tuesday, January 23, 2018, at Lancaster House Hotel, Ellel, Lancaster
Thursday, January 25, 2018, at Rheged Centre, Penrith
9am – 4pm approx (including lunch)
Registration from 9am when tea, coffee and Danish pastries will be available
Lancaster House Hotel, Green Lane, Ellel, Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 4GJ
Rheged Centre, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 0DQ

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