Jane never tires of raising funds for CancerCare

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Leading businesswoman helps raise awareness of cancer

A leading Morecambe businesswoman, whose company celebrated its 20th anniversary recently, used the occasion to raise funds for a cancer charity which has supported her.

Jane Bailey, who runs Westgate Tyres at Westgate Old Works with her husband Graham and daughters, Sophie and Emma, discovered she had bowel cancer in June 2013 which was successfully treated.

Sadly, Jane recently found out that she has skin cancer and she is once more receiving support from CancerCare.

Jane also has the support of Graham and her daughters, Emma Townley, 30, who is Westgate Tyres’ social media manager and Sophie Bailey, 21, who is learning to run the business.

Jane said: “I had been feeling unwell for about four years.

“I thought I had symptoms of bowel cancer but it took a long time to get a diagnosis. I’d already had a cancer scare – I had a tumour in my womb which doctors said had ‘cancerous tendencies’.

“Eventually I became very anaemic and that raised a red flag. Tests showed that the cancer was right at the top of my bowel.

“I was taken into hospital the following week for a ‘hemicolectomy’ (surgery to remove part of the colon). I didn’t have much time to think about it.

“I was so lucky; it was all contained and hadn’t spread. They removed a large section of my bowel.

“It has a daily effect on me. It’s hard to digest certain foods. I constantly have to watch what I eat.

“Before I became ill I had been having all the wrong things – like red meat and alcohol. Now I have a very strict lifestyle.”

Jane was deeply upset to discover she had skin cancer: “I had a little mole but I needed a massive operation to have it removed in June of this year.

“My advice is, keep checking if you have moles and take photos of them.”

Jane says CancerCare has helped her enormously: “I had hypnotherapy and it really helped me.

“That’s why I wanted to give back for all the help CancerCare has given me.

“When you have cancer, your family supports you but they have go their own worries. CancerCare is fabulous because you can go there and off-load to people and they will listen. CancerCare is your friend – they’re a listening ear.”

Westgate Tyres’ 20th anniversary celebration was held at the Lothersdale Hotel in Morecambe on Saturday, November 25.

Jane said: “It was an amazing night. Everyone gave so much. The amount just kept going up and up. The theme was ‘Dress to Impress’ and Morecambe MC, Michael Glenn, kindly donated his services for the night.

“The aim was to subliminally raise awareness of CancerCare and to thank customers for their support. I’ve had customers who have been diagnosed with cancer because I have raised awareness of symptoms.”

On the anniversary night Jane, Graham and their friends, family, customers, suppliers and supporters raised more than £2,000 for CancerCare. They had an auction and people also gave donations. A Motown party cruise on the canal at Barton Grange has also been organised in aid of CancerCare.

“All of our staff at Westgate Tyres do the Cross Bay Walk and this year we had a Ladies’ Cocktail and Cake Night,” said Jane.

Despite the challenges Jane has had to face with her health, it has been a great year for Westgate Tyres.

Jane said: “I was awarded the tyre industry’s ‘Foxy Lady Drivers’ Club Woman of the Year Award’ and we won the ‘Garage of the Year Award’ at the Tyre Industry Awards. These were massive achievements for us.

“Sophie is going to London on December 11th because we are finalists in Workshop Magazine’s ‘Retailer of the Year Award’.

“If Westgate Tyres can give a little voice to CancerCare, I’m happy.”

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