How We Fundraise

on Wednesday, 02 September 2015.


As a registered charity, CancerCare is heavily dependent for its income upon the support of the local community which often comes from volunteers, clients, former clients or families who have personal experience of the FREE counselling and complementary therapies we offer. Income is raised from the CancerCare Lottery, legacy donations, events participation and sponsorship, fundraising in the community and donations from supporters and local businesses.   

We are members of the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) self-regulatory scheme. The FRSB works to ensure that organisations raising money for charity from the public do so honestly and properly. As members of the scheme, we follow the Institute of Fundraising’s Code of Fundraising Practice and comply with the key principles embodied in the Code and in this Promise.

We have been supporting the changes to the Institute of Fundraising’s Code of Fundraising Practice, which come into effect from 1st September 2015.

 Alistair Mclean, Chief Executive, Fundraising Standards Board says:

"Getting out there and asking supporters to give feedback about your fundraising practices by telephone or door to door lottery canvassing is absolutely the right approach. CancerCare have shown real leadership and a genuine commitment to best practice and real accountability to their supporters."

Those changes remain embodied in the Fundraising Standards Board Fundraising Promise but the new code adds detail to the way in which specific types of fundraising are carried out. The only form of door to door fundraising we do is when our CancerCare Lottery canvasser, Debbie, raises vital funds calling on local homes inviting new players to join.  Debbie will not knock on any doors where there is a clear “No Cold Calling” sticker and she has clear, authorised identification with her at all times which she will show before explaining how the Lottery works.

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For more information please contact Christine Wardle, Head of Income Generation by emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01524 381820 and speak to a member of the CancerCare team.