Helping Local Families Face a Brighter Christmas

on Monday, 30 November -0001.

CancerCare is promoting it's free professional Counselling service this month in a bid to reach out to local families facing illness or bereavement ahead of the busy festive period.

CancerCare currently offer free weekly counselling sessions at their Slynedales Centre in Lancaster to support local people affected by cancer or a life limiting condition including relatives, carers and anyone experiencing bereavement. CancerCare’s qualified staff team help support approximately 1,000 local people every year with an increase in new referrals expected in the coming weeks.

 mike“I work with clients of all different ages and backgrounds,” says CancerCare Counsellor Mike McNabb (pictured right)

“Some have been diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer or they care for someone who is ill. Others are grieving the loss of someone close to them.”

“These issues are difficult for people at any time of the year but the added pressure of dealing with worry or loss at Christmas time can really intensify feelings, emotions and bring back powerful memories.”

“Christmas is traditionally a time for coming together with family and friends to celebrate good times and have fun.  But it can also be a time of great anguish and despair for many. There can be a feeling of a huge sense of emptiness for some - like there is a massive void or hole in their lives.”

“Counselling – or ‘Talking Therapy’ as it is often referred to - can offer a great deal of help and support to anyone struggling with these issues.”

“Talking Therapy is about letting people find their own solutions to any issues they may have and how to learn to let go and accept what has happened in their own way. It’s about bringing something positive back into their lives and to find ways to move forward.”

“Sometimes it’s easier to talk to somebody outside your circle of family and friends. Sometimes just off loading thoughts and feelings can make coping with everyday life easier.”

“I remember when one of my previous clients first came to me as a very angry and resentful young man after losing his Grandfather to cancer. After attending several Counselling sessions the change in him was quite amazing. He transformed into a much happier, calmer person and someone who was very much in control of his life.”

CancerCare currently offer up to 20 weekly 1 hour counselling sessions completely free of charge and appointments are usually offered within a few weeks after initial referral. Appointment waiting times on the NHS for Talking Therapies range from 6-12 months.

Counselling is just one of many free specialist support services offered by CancerCare, including Hypnotherapy, Massage, Support Groups and a dedicated Children and Young People’s Service for youngsters aged 3-18. A unique local charity, CancerCare’s experienced and qualified staff team have helped over 22,000 local people affected by cancer and other life limiting conditions living in North Lancashire and South Lakeland throughout the past 30 years. CancerCare relies on donations and fundraising to sustain their free support services and only receive a very small amount of funding from the local NHS.

Mike continues: “We really want to get the message out that we are here for anyone who might need us during an often difficult time. You are not alone. Pick up the phone and give us a call.

To find out more about CancerCare’s free support services including Counselling or to make a donation please contact us on 01524 381 820.