CancerCare’s garden gets a bee-vamp from Littledale Hall Therapeutic Community

on Wednesday, 24 June 2015.

Nine residents of Littledale Hall Therapeutic Community near Lancaster have volunteered their time to give CancerCare’s Slynedales Centre garden a bee-friendly revamp!



The project has given the residents a chance to give something back to the local community. Project organiser Erica Sarney from Lancaster Beekeepers says “Three meadow areas have been planted at CancerCare with the help of Littledale Hall Therapeutic Community residents, using seed donated from Grow Wild. This has been a superb community project and we look forward to seeing the results.”

The team have worked hard on developing CancerCare’s orchard into a wild garden by planting plug plants and seeds, which will be an excellent source of both pollen and nectar to ensure that CancerCare’s colonies of bees thrive and prosper.

LGTC gardeners

CancerCare’s beekeeper Pip Merriman says “Like everyone, I am delighted by the thought of wild flowers growing at CancerCare, and so grateful for the generosity of the LHTC volunteers for donating their time. It will indeed be a joy to have wildlife brought nearer to our centre adding to what is already a tranquil environment in Lancaster’s countryside for clients who have been affected by cancer or other life limiting conditions to attend therapy appointments. The thing about wild flowers is that they bring not just colour and a wonderful array of scents but they bring other life. No doubt we will get a variety of butterflies, moths and other pollinators – including my beloved bees!”

IMG 1196

It is expected that by summer 2016 CancerCare’s wildflower garden will be in full bloom thanks to the hard work of Lancaster Beekeepers and the LHTC residents.