Caring Tree marks special milestone for Furness CancerCare clients

on Wednesday, 03 January 2018. Tags Barrow, cancer, Cancer Support, CancerCare, Furness, Kendal, Lancaster, North Lancashire, Slynedales

Fingerprints symbolise care and progression

CancerCare clients in Furness are leaving their fingerprints on a special 'Caring Tree' to mark the end of their therapy with the charity.


Rachel Minshull, Barrow and Furness Development Officer at the Furness Centre at Trinity Church Centre on Warwick Street in Barrow, said: "The idea for the Caring Tree came from a tree that my mum painted a few years ago for a friend.

"He was having a joint birthday party with his dad (40 and 80) and wanted a way to remember the day. We came across a tree with fingerprints as leaves and the idea grew from there.

Above: Rachel Minshull, Barrow and Furness Development Officer

"I thought back to that tree when I was decorating the Furness Centre and thought it would be a nice thing to have in the new centre.

"Clients place a fingerprint on the tree when they have completed therapy with us. Over time, the tree will fill with the fingerprint leaves of the people we have cared for and helped.

"I think green, leaf covered trees are comforting to look at. They have a sense of peace and tranquillity. A healthy tree is a mass of leaves; the more people we help the more leaves on the tree.

"The two intertwined trunks are titled “care” and “comfort”. I think these are the main two things we offer people.

"The idea for the name came from my mum as she sees CancerCare as a caring charity."