CancerCare Bear back on the road again

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Mini mascot is exploring Costa Rica

The 'CancerCare Bear' (pictured) is back on the road and this time his travels have taken him to Costa Rica!
He's travelling with Sue Lennon, an ex-Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) who trained in Barrow and worked in Morecambe Bay for several years.
The Cancer Care Bear went with Sue on a fundraiser when she cycled to Spain in the summer of 2017. The little blue bear even 'blogged' about his search for a lady bear.
Sue said: "He has a taste for adventure, it seems, and he is with us on the Costa Rica Traverse this week.
"This is a challenge to cross Costa Rica by human power only. Starting with feet in the Pacific, we are trekking and cycling up to the Cloud Forest pinnacle and rafting and kayaking down the other side, ending with feet in the Caribbean."
Sue now lives in France and runs a little retreat for frazzled nurses.
She has a particular interest in the sexual impact of cancer and is also a sex therapist. She writes and speaks at international conferences on this subject.
Sue said: "I was 52 on the day we set off and my husband will be 65 on the day we finish.
"We have a team of 11 altogether. We've nearly all trekked before, mostly in Nepal.
"Our family think we're great for living life to the full. We are not acquisitive people. We don't buy 'stuff'. We buy memories and save up like mad to have an adventure every few years.
"The next is likely to be in 2020 - so if anyone fancies a long walk..."
Keep and eye on the CancerCare Facebook page for more details of Sue and the CancerCare Bear's travels across Costa Rica.