Cancer won’t stop this Christmas

on Tuesday, 28 November 2017. Tags appeal, cancer, Cancer Support, CancerCare, Christmas, Lancaster, North Lancashire, Slynedales

Please support our CancerCare Christmas Appeal

While we always take the time to wish our fantastic CancerCare supporters the best at Christmas time, we also understand that not everyone is feeling festive at this time of year.

Christmas can be a very difficult time for many of the families we support, whether they are too poorly to enjoy the festivities, are missing a loved one who is no longer here or they are coming to terms with the fact that this may be their last Christmas together.

“Facing the first Christmas without my wife was really hard. Everyone around me was busy with their own families and getting excited about Christmas. I didn’t want to get in the way of their enjoyment but I just felt so lonely and lost. Knowing I could go to CancerCare and speak to my regular counsellor and that they had time to talk, was a lifeline. Without them, my Christmas would have been excruciatingly difficult.” - Charlie

While over the holiday period, shops shut, schools close and workplaces take holidays, cancer doesn’t stop for Christmas, nor does the overwhelming emotional strain that comes with it.

This Christmas, we urgently need your help to make sure that people in our community affected by cancer, like Charlie, have somewhere to turn when they don’t feel like celebrating.

We’re asking you as a CancerCare supporter, to donate £10 today to help provide support in the lead up to Christmas and to help CancerCare stay open for an extra three days between Christmas and New Year, offering a warm and welcoming environment run by our specially trained therapists.

A gift of £10 or more could provide this lifeline for Charlie and others just like him; the gift of someone to listen, understand and be there.Cancer won’t stop this Christmas and with your help, neither will CancerCare’s support.