Corporate Support

Corporate Social Responsibility has grown in importance over recent years for companies of all sizes. Many businesses now recognise the impact they have on the communities and environment they operate in and the positive role they can play by supporting those communities.

Giving back to the community by supporting a local charity is one of the most humanising things larger companies can do. Many companies choose to support, sponsor or adopt a charity either for a fixed period of time or longer term, making the chosen charity a feature of their communication strategy both internally and externally.

There are a many ways in which your company can support CancerCare including: Nominate CancerCare as your ‘charity of the year’ and support us for a period of twelve months; set up a ‘payroll giving’ program; organise events to raise money for CancerCare; sponsor one of our many established events and more. Also, by supporting CancerCare this year, your staff will have a chance to really get excited for the cause and join in with the fundraising events planned.

CancerCare is a unique local charity that provides a wide range of support to families affected by cancer & life limiting conditions. We do so free of charge and without significant funding beyond charitable donations. If you would like to find out how your company can help, please contact CancerCare NOW!

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Telephone: 01524 381 820