Tai Chi Course

Starts on October 19th from 10am - 11.30am


 CancerCare are pleased to offer our clients a new Tai Chi group for a period of 12 weeks, thanks to funding received from Lakes Leisure Trust.


Tai Chi was first developed as a martial art but recently Tai Chi forms have been devised for specific health problems. Exercises are all based on the integration of movement with the breath and the mind. There is evidence to suggest these exercises can:


ü Reduce stress levels and promote relaxation

ü Improve flexibility

ü Lower blood pressure

ü Improve posture and lung function

ü Help with balance and co-ordination

ü Help with bone density due to the constant weight change from one leg to the other

ü Have positive mental outcomes producing a sense of well-being which in turn leads to a stronger immune system


Exercises are gentle and can be practised by most people; done either standing or sitting. It is not competitive as the aim is to become aware of your own body and its needs.

Whether it is for backache, insomnia or for general relaxation, you will find relief in the gentle, small-group activities.  You will also receive individual guidance from a qualified teacher.

In order to participate in this class you need to be able to get up and down to the floor comfortably.



All classes are offered FREE of charge and open to anyone affected by cancer or a life limiting condition (including relatives & carers) living in North Lancashire or South Lakeland.

For more details or to book your place please call 01524 381820