CancerCare's 27th Annual Bridge Tournament CancerCare Results sheet.pdf

The CancerCare Bridge Tournament is proud to have raised over £64,900 since 1994 supporting CancerCare services for anyone facing cancer or bereavement in North Lancashire and South Cumbria.

About the Tournament

The Tournament is usually played in leagues of 5 or 6 pairs. With the COVID pandemic, playing face to face with other players (and handling the same cards) this is not currently possible.

The Tournament can go ahead if people are willing to play online. When it is clear how many people will play online it will be possible to determine how the Tournament is structured. In all probability there will not be a face to face final and the winner will be calculated on the basis of the games played.

If you are not able, or would prefer not, to play online please do consider making a donation. CancerCare’s fundraising has suffered during this time of lockdown.

The 2020 Entry form can be filled in on your computer. The form offers a space to mark if you wish to make a donation.

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