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CancerCare Connections

on Friday, 21 July 2017. Posted in Blog Tags Andrea Partridge, Barrow, CancerCare, Dukes Theatre, GDPR, Lancaster, Living With and Beyond Cancer, Malcolm Mcillmurray, Tony Gatrell

CancerCare CEO Neil's Weekly Blog

Hello! I am just about to hop on a train to Barrow to attend the quarterly NHS Listening Event at the Forum, a really active network of health professionals, third sector organisations and the public, who meet up to discuss a wide range of local issues.

Our Family

on Friday, 14 July 2017. Posted in Blog Tags CancerCare, Drop In Support, Dukes Theatre, Lancaster, Lancaster BID, Malcolm Mcillmurray, Morecambe Bay Cancer Patients Group

CancerCare CEO Neil's Weekly Blog

Good Morning!I promised you last week a picture of me in a Pirate hat, following my visit to Treasure Ireland at the Duke. Well, here it is...