The Mind Bucket: Managing Life's Curveballs!

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How many times have you found yourself saying ‘I’ve just had it up to here!’ 

The car breaks down, you’re late for work, the dog gets sick and your sister falls out with you - life can seem like one big curveball!stress

When this happens we can start to feel overloaded with thoughts, feelings and emotions. It all becomes too much to deal with. We start to feel stressed, worried, anxious or angry and we might even lash out at others around us.

For cancer patients and their loves ones, dealing with additional pressures such as hospital appointments, medical procedures, side effects from treatment and managing caring responsibilities can be a hugely overwhelming experience. 

However – help is at hand. By understanding how we process difficulties in our lives, we might start to learn new ways of managing them better.

To help us do this, let’s start out by imagining our minds as a large bucket, divided horizontally into two parts:

model of the mind

The upper part of the bucket represents the conscious part of our mind – it’s full of all the ‘stuff’ going on in our lives at the moment. These are the issues we think about a lot. We are very aware of them.

The lower part of the bucket represents the unconscious or sub-conscious part of our mind – it contains memories of past events or issues that have already happened in our lives.

As new issues or problems arise, the bucket starts to fill up even more, spilling out over the sides. There’s simply no more room in there for any more stress!

However, if we could find some way of freeing up more space in the bucket then we might be in a better position to deal with what’s happening to us. Hypnotherapy is a really good way of doing this.

Under hypnosis, our minds and bodies become very relaxed. This allows the unconscious part of our minds to become more open, enabling us to think more freely and creatively. Repressed issues or memories can also begin to ‘filter’ up to a more conscious level helping us to address or resolve them.

This means that we can deal with current difficulties much more efficiently whilst helping to build resilience as we move forward in our lives.

So the next time you find yourself saying 'I've had it up to here' take a deep breath & empty your bucket!

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