Paul McKenna & Performing Chickens: 6 Hypnotherapy Myth Busters!

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We're talking about Hypnotherapy at CancerCare this week. We've all heard of it. But do we really understand it?  Let's take a closer look at some the most common myths and misconceptions surrounding it today.

 paul mckennaHypnotherapy is something to do with that bloke off the telly

When we talk about hypnosis we might think of Paul McKenna or Derren Brown, making people act like chickens on a stage.  However, Hypnotherapy isn’t anything to do with stage Hypnotists on TV or something that exists for our entertainment. By using advanced methods of hypnosis and other techniques Hypnotherapy can be used to treat a variety of medical and psychological issues including anxiety or pain management. At CancerCare we offer free Hypnotherapy sessions  to help people who are affected by cancer including patients, their family members or those who have experienced bereavement.be19194d427e89f1605bdc41e95c7d55

 The Hypnotherapist will make me say or do something embarrassing

Again, because of media portrayals of stage hypnosis, a common fear is that hypnotists may be able to get information out of you or put information into your mind against your will.  In a therapy session you are not asked to ‘perform’ or do anything you don’t want to. Hypnotherapists are fully trained professionals who only work in the best interests of their client.

A Hypnotherapist will use a swinging pendulum

pendulmPast stereotypes of Hypnotism often involve an eccentric looking man wearing spectacles and a bow tie swinging a pendulum watch before our eyes! The relevance of the watch is that one of the principles of hypnosis is focus. In yoga, practitioners may focus on a candle or a flame during meditation. Nowadays, in Hypnotherapy, the focus is largely on the breath and the voice, through the monotonous repetition of words & key phrases.


I won’t be able to be hypnotised

Whilst it is true that a small percentage of people cannot be hypnotised, most of us have already experienced being in an altered state of consciousness at some point in our lives. Think about the last time you drove to work but couldn’t recall details of the journey afterwards. And most of us have found ourselves lost in a day dream before.  This is just like hypnosis- that feeling of being so relaxed that we temporarily forget what’s going on around us, allowing us to think and focus on other things.

 stare2I’ll lose control of my mind

When our bodies are deeply relaxed, with practice, the mind can relax too. Hypnotherapists cannot take anything out of a person’s mind, however - once the mind is relaxed it can be more receptive to positive ideas and suggestions, enabling us to think more freely and creatively. This can also allow repressed issues or memories to ‘filter’ up to a more conscious level which may need further exploration or support.


imageI might get stuck in a trance or be unable to wake up whilst hypnotised

Hypnotherapy induces a deeply relaxed state or ‘trance like’ state. Whilst you are not technically awake, you are not asleep either therefore you will be able to return to full level of consciousness whenever you want to. Remember, you are in control at all times!


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