Neil's Weekly Blog! #9

on Friday, 01 May 2015.

Good afternoon! I cannot believe that this is my 12th weekly blog since starting at CancerCare  in February- how time just flies by!

It feels to me that such a lot of good things have been developing and I am delighted with the response, effort and determination everyone is demonstrating so we can all do our very best for our clients and for the good of CancerCare.

This week I attended the AGM of Lancaster BID group on Wednesday evening. This was a useful round up of the progress made and for those who live in Lancaster saw the launch of the ' I love Lancaster ' campaign.

Thursday I was in Preston being interviewed as part of a group by the Quality Care Commission Inspectors who are inspecting Lancashire NHS Foundation trust, they wanted to hear from a range of third sector and charitable organisations our experiences, which to be honest where reported as a mixture of positive and negative. The final report is a good way into the future but I am sure will be an interesting read.

Friday started in Kendal where I met with Sue Smith, the Head of Nursing at Westmorland General. Sue is a really useful contact and a keen advocate of the work we do in supporting patients. After popping in to the Lakes, I am back in Lancaster with the bank holiday just around the corner. A busy one!