Neil's Weekly Blog! #10

on Friday, 08 May 2015.

Good morning ,  or at least I think it is, having been up half the night watching the election result, a bit of a tradition in our household, an interesting night indeed!

I am just about to head off to Levens Hall with Fiona Weir, one of our trustees. We are attending a charity Trustee training event, which will hopefully give us a useful insight into financial risks, investments and other such fascinating topics!

Tuesday I was in Kendal at the Gateway Partnership meeting where we spent some time reflecting on our Hustings Event held in the run up to the elecstarwalk web squaretion – the result of which we are seeing unfold still. One of the great initiatives that has been developed by the partnership is the MARS, system - an IT based referral system which our key staff have been trained on and have access to. The idea is that potential clients can be referred to CancerCare and we can also refer our clients to other service providers if we think they may benefit from help elsewhere. There are 9 charities working across South Lakeland who have developed this - please check out their website here.

The weekend for me - and for many of us - will be dominated by our annual StarWalk fundraising event in Kendal.  I am looking forward to welcoming the 400 or so participants tomorrow evening and then taking part in the walk ! An event like this is a real team effort between staff, volunteers and our key supporters, so a big big thank you to all of you. Here’s to a great night and a dry one I hope!