Neil's Blog #29

on Friday, 08 January 2016. Tags CancerCare, Cumbria, Kendal, Lancaster, localcharity, NewYearNewYou, NorthLancashire, SouthLakeland

Good Morning and firstly a Happy New Year to all of you and especially those of you who I have not managed to see personally this week.

newyearnewyou web logoI am excited about the year ahead and my hopes for CancerCare is that we can continue to step up, building on the success and hard work from all of you over the past year.

We have a staff meeting planned for the 18th January and we will be spending some of this reflecting and looking forward to what we need to achieve together. Similarly when we meet with our therapists in a few weeks’ time we will be asking the same question.

My week has been dominated by finishing a number of key tasks that I started before the break and 'ordering' my own mind and agreeing my own priorities for the coming weeks. I am sure you have all been doing the same. I do think though there is real merit in taking stoc  in work and outside of work about what you can control; what can you focus on; and what can I do?

CancerCare logo 2015 blueI was really pleased to see that our efforts over the past few months working in partnership with Starvale has helped us reach our target of 7,000 CancerCare Lottery players. A great achievement given the competition on the street from other lotteries. We will be using 2016 to build on this and hopefully maintain momentum. Neil