Neil's Blog #24

on Friday, 13 November 2015. Tags Barrow, CancerCare, CumbriaCVS, Kendal, localcharity, MensHealth, Movember, NorthLancashire, SouthLakeland, Trustees

Good Morning! I thought I would start this week’s blog with a couple of pictures taken last Saturday at our Trustee & Management team working hard at our annual away day.

It was indeed a very good day. We have such a wealth of talented individual’s all wanting to give their time freelyto support the work of our charity.


Mens Health look out for 01I was delighted to see CancerCare leading the way again locally in our efforts to promote serious messages about health - this time targeted at blokes! Find out more about our Men's Health campaign here.

On Wednesday the 11th November I was in Liverpool attending the Hospice UK National Conference. I took the opportunity to go and look at the poppies that are outside St. George’s Hall -  very moving to see.

I was also thrilled this week to be emailed a poster put together by one of our young fundraisers Rory Wood - such a star. It put a smile on my face!