Neil's Blog #16

on Friday, 24 July 2015. Tags CancerCare, Kendal, Lancaster, Leightonhall, Screwfixfoundation, TalkToCancerCare, Trustees

Good afternoon! We seem to be entering the usual quieter time given school holidays!

However, referrals for our services continue to arrive thanks to the launch of our new #TalkToCancerCare campaign. Read more about it here.TalkToCancerCare Social Media Ad

Today has been Management team meeting, joined by our Trustees Fiona and Robert. Apart from looking at the current financial reports we discussed the forthcoming event for key friends , supporters and donors of CancerCare on August 11th at Leighton Hall. We have received an encouraging response and hope this event will be a big success - it costs nothing to say thank you and let people know about our future plans.


Ops. Manager Alison hard at work!

The office moves at our Slynedales Centre are all complete  - a massive thank to everyone for mucking in and rolling up their sleeves to help move furniture and give the place a fresh lick of paint! 

The bid we made to the Screwfix Foundation to support some of our rennovation costs has paid dividends and I am expecting a cheque for £5,000 to land on our door mat very soon!

Have a good weekend all!