Neil's Blog #68

on Friday, 20 January 2017. Posted in Blog Tags Barrow, cancer, Cancer Alliance Group, CancerCare, Kendal, Lancaster, Mitchells Brewery, slynedales

Good afternoon from Lancaster!

I have just got back from a very useful catch up meeting with colleagues connected to the Strategic Cancer Alliance, who have been meeting at CancerHelp in Preston.

The newly relaunched alliance is getting on its feet and it’s good to see that a network of support of organisations like ours, plus support to the many fantastic cancer support groups across Lancashire and Cumbria, is continuing. There is so much shared energy and good practice around which is valuable to tap into. The next stage is the creation of a Cancer Assembly, bringing together all parts of Lancashire and Cumbria, with its first meeting due to take place in April.

Helen and Jonathan Mitchells

This week, Helen from Fundraising, who has been instrumental in securing and steering our partnership with Mitchells Brewery, picked up the first cheque of the year, totalling £2,635.This fantastic total has been raised from sales of coffee and puddings across their chain of local pubs and included £2,000 plus from a Christmas Tree of Memories at the Tithe Barn pub in Garstang. She is pictured here with Managing Director Jonathan Barker.

On Wednesday I attended the South Lakes Third Sector Forum, which is an extension of the Kendal Gateway, held at St Mary’s Hospice in Ulverston. This group, fairly new, but growing in influence, brings together a large number of local organisations working in Furness and Barrow. Rachel Minshull our new Barrow Development Officer was also there, and doing a great job at spreading our CancerCare message.

CancerCare has been awarded a £20,000 donation this week from the Kendal Palliative Nurse’s Fund, to be used in the expansion, promotion and further development of our Children and Young Person’s service in Kendal. Really great news and testimony to a lasting and productive relationship between our teams working on the ground in Kendal and the surrounding area.

So, that ends the week on a high...have a good weekend all! Neil.