Neil's Blog #43

on Friday, 27 May 2016. Posted in Blog Tags AmblesideDropIn, CancerCare, CancerCareCounts, ICS, Lancaster, LancasterGuardian, StarWalk

I start my blog this week with a look back at last week’s StarWalk in Kendal - a great night was had by all!


The hallmark for me was the warm friendly atmosphere and the joy of seeing staff and volunteers working together, having fun to make it a night to remember for the walkers. I was on 'pop star' duty. Jo and Bradley were both great and really took interest in what CancerCare is all about.

WendyGBuckinghamPalace1Last week one of our long standing and loyal volunteers Wendy Graham (pictured)  made her trip with partner Cliff to Buckingham Palace in London to attend a royal garden party. This was in recognition of the hours of volunteering she has done for us and in her community.  So richly deserved!

On Monday I was delighted to join the Ambleside Drop in along with Andrea for there annual summer lunch. We had a very nice time, chatting and catching up. They are all such great ambassadors for CancerCare!

On Tuesday we visited ICS - a local company who have chosen us as one of there charities of the year. We had a photo shoot and it was a chance to meet the staff team and tell them a little about what we do. They have pledged to raise £2,500 in a year!

Thursday was newspaper day with the truely inspiring coverage continuing through the Lancaster Guardian's CancerCare Counts campaign. This, alongside the coverage of the StarWalk in the Westmorland Gazette has given us a bumper week of press coverage for us.

Have a great weekend all!