Neil's Blog #38

on Friday, 01 April 2016. Tags CancerCare, Cross Bay, Lancaster, Legacy, Marks & Spencer, Massive

Good afternoon! This week seems to have gone even faster than usual, the 4 day week not helping.

This week we met with  Danni and James (pictured below) who work for a company called Massive who we have partnered with this year to assist in the organisation and delivery of our Cross Bay Challenge taking place on Sunday 7th August.


After a day of site visits, meeting key people who are instrumental to the success of this huge event and asking loads of questions. I am really confident about the success of this new relationship.

This week we have received a number of good news stories and feedback. I know from the feedback I get about my blog that you all appreciate hearing about this news, so here is a summary:

Marks and Spencer ( Lancaster) have confirmed that we are charity of the year.

Tom, one of our young fundraisers is putting his final touches to his zip wire challenge, taking place at the end of April – go Tom go! – you can sponsor Tom through his just giving page.

We have been informed that the late Barbara Ryland, one of our long standing supporters who died earlier this year has left £50,000 to CancerCare in her will. I had the privilege of attending Barbara’s funeral along with Sue and meeting her family and friends. A wonderful legacy.

Finally just in via Facebook is a fabulous and kind comment from one of our clients, it simply says:

"I would like to thank CancerCare for their amazing service, thank you to David for the guidance in finding myself, thanks for helping me through a tough time. I believe if it was not for David, CancerCare and their team my life could be so different right now."

A perfect illustration of why we all get out of bed in a morning and come to work.

Whatever you are doing this weekend have a great time.