Men's Health Month

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This one's for you guys as we kick off Men's Health Month here at CancerCare!

All throughout November,  with your help, we want to reach out to all the men in our lives - dads, brothers, sons, uncles, grandpa's, neighbours & mates - to help raise important awareness of male cancers and some of the steps we can all take to keep ourselves safe. And remember, if you or someone close to you is facing cancer and needs some extra help & support CancerCare is here for you!

Did you know...

Men are 14% more likely to get cancer than women and are at risk of nearly all the common cancers that affect both sexes
The three most common cancers affecting men in the UK are Prostate, Lung and Bowel cancer
44% of cancer deaths in North Lancashire are due to ‘big 4’ (lung, colorectal, breast, prostate)

Andy quote

Nearly a third of the people who use CancerCare’s services are male.
They include men with a cancer diagnosis, men with family to support, and fathers needing advice on helping their children through the death of a loved one.
CancerCare is the only cancer support charity of it's kind in the local area - please show us your support!

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