Hypnotherapy at CancerCare

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This week we are taking a look at our Hypnotherapy service and how it can help people struggling to cope through difficult times.

GeorgieWHypnotherapist Georgie Whittle explains: "I've been practising Hypnotherapy at CancerCare for over 10 years now."

"Our clients’ needs are often diverse - from people with cancer to  someone journeying alongside them and  those who have been bereaved - but there are some commonalties. Many have difficulty sleeping,  relaxing  or just getting on with their regular activities.  Hypnotherapy can help people to quieten the mind and can help you to focus on something other than discomfort."

"It isn’t anything to do with stage therapists on TV or in the media – there’s no mystique. What we offer at CancerCare is Hypnotherapy."

"Working here, whilst often demanding, is such a varied job. It can be sad and emotional at times, yet equally heartening to witness other peoples’ personal growth."

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