Do you know an Amazing Mum?

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It's Mother's Day on Sunday 6th March.

Amazing Mums logo resizedWe're very lucky to have met so many amazing mums over the years here at CancerCare: from courageous mums who have taken on challenges of a lifetime to raise funds for us, to those who have dedicated their time to help make a difference to the lives of others through volunteering – not to mention the thousands of mums we have supported through cancer whose stories continue to inspire us every single day.

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That's why this Mother's Day we would love it if you could join CancerCare as we celebrate & remember all the #AmazingMums in our community and pledge support to help more local mums & their loved ones in the future!


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CancerCare Chief Executive Neil Townsend with his #AmazingMum Joan

CancerCare Chief Executive Neil Townsend shares this special photo of him and his #AmazingMum Joan who passed away from cancer 3 years ago.

"This picture of me and my Amazing Mum is one of my favourites. My mum would be 90 if still alive, she died almost three years ago. Support, immense pride and love seem to radiate ¬Ýfrom the picture. We looked out for each other no matter what, even when we disagreed. I owe her so much ‚Äì she was and still is my inner being ‚Äì shaping my values and my inner strength. That is why she will always be my Amazing Mum. Happy Mother's Day. RIP xxx"

To get involved share a photo on social media of an amazing mum you know along with a message telling us why you think they are so special and then text CCAR31 £3 to 70070 to donate to CancerCare.

Your donation will help ensure all local mums affected by the impact of cancer - and their family members - can access CancerCare's FREE professional cancer support services such as Counselling & Complementary therapies whenever they need them.

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