CancerCare's Silversmith Graduate!

on Friday, 30 January 2015.

10953250 1414381545521842 771441233 oWe had a lovely email from one of our previous clients last week  - Anastasia Martyn - who wanted to let us know how she was getting on:

"I just wanted to get in touch and say thank you for the care you provided for me some time ago - 14 years to be precise!"

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Anastasia with her son - 14 years later!

"I was quite ill at the time and was finding things quite a struggle. Even though I had family around me , when you are in that situation you still feel so alone.  My young son was only three years old and my then husband worked all the hours under the sun. I had very little energy."

"I came to CancerCare to have weekly Counselling sessions which helped enormously - for that one hour it was an oasis of calm. I also attended  their Jewellery Group where I learned how to make silver jewellery, led by CancerCare tutor Tess. I will never forget her. She was so patient and also very talented."

"I don’t know what I would have done without Tess and CancerCare all those years ago. I was so very grateful for the support  and felt much less isolated."

awjewellery"And now, I’ve actually started to make my own silver and copper jewellery and have an online shop at - and it’s all down to Tess!"

"Thank you so much CancerCare - the work you do is very much appreciated!"


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