CancerCare backs new Be Clear on Cancer Campaign!

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Clear on Cancer LogoCancerCare is backing a new campaign to raise awareness of the signs of bladder & kidney cancer this month by asking people to look before they flush when going to the toilet.

The new 'NHS Be Clear on Cancer' campaign will aim to encourage people to go to their doctor if they notice blood in their pee, even if they only see it once.

Around 17,450 people in England are diagnosed with bladder or kidney cancer each year. These cancers can affect people of all ages but are most common in those over 50.

Blood in your pee is a key symptom for both bladder and kidney cancer.

Other bladder cancer symptoms include:

- Cystitis (a urinary tract infection) that is difficult to treat or comes back quickly after treatment

- Pain when peeing

Other kidney cancer symptoms include:

- A pain in the side, below the ribs, that doesn't go away

- Weight loss

The chances are it's nothing serious, but if it is cancer, finding it early makes it more treatable.

You're not wasting anyone's time by getting your symptoms checked out. If you've been to the doctor but your symptoms haven't gone away, go back - they'll want to know.

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