Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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It's Breast Cancer Awareness month so  at CancerCare, we  are leading the local effort to increase awareness of the signs and symptoms of the disease and what services are available to those affected.

Every year nearly 55,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK - the equivalent of one person every 10 minutes. Across Lancashire, 2,871 women have been diagnosed with the disease in the past three years.

The older a person is, the more likely they are to contract breast cancer with 1 in 3 women who get breast aged 70 or over. However, it can affect anyone of any age and whilst rare, it can also affect males.

Lancaster mum of four Andrea Partridge was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2012.

Andrea with dautghter Elena in 2012

Andrea with dautghter Elena in 2012

"It all started when I noticed changes in my nipple. It looked inverted. I showed it to my neighbour who had breast cancer at the time but she didn’t think it was anything to worry about.”

 “A while later, one of our customers at work was talking about her breast cancer and the importance of keeping an eye out for signs and symptoms. Something she said must have had struck a chord because the next thing I did was pick up the phone to my G.P to make an appointment.”

“At no point did I ever think I could have cancer. I felt fine - I was fit, healthy and with no family history of the disease so it just didn’t cross my mind. Even when the doctor examined me and expressed concern I still wasn’t worried. She then sent me for an urgent mammogram. During this session the nurse found a lump underneath my arm pit and it was at this point I started to panic.”

“I waited 10 days for the biopsy results and during that time I convinced myself I had cancer so when the doctor confirmed it I wasn’t surprised. But we were all still absolutely devastated by the news. Immediately, I thought, right, let’s just get on with this! I can’t waste any more time.”

Following treatment, Andrea has now made a full recovery and is now living life cancer free.

 “It’s been a very tough three years for me and my family but now I am living my life as cured. I’ve had a lot of support from CancerCare who helped me through my chemotherapy and surgery and post treatment too. I don’t know what I would have done without them.”

CancerCare provide a wide range of free professional therapies to help support local people affected by cancer including Counselling, Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy and weekly Support Groups.

“You can refer yourself back to CancerCare for help at any time and their services are also available to other family members too, not just the person with cancer. I used to have weekly massages throughout my chemo and they made me feel so much better.”


Andrea today

Andrea adds; “Looking back, the most important piece of advice I could give to anyone would be that if something feels different or unusual to you in anyway, get it checked out. I waited 3 months to speak to my doctor. Don’t wait!”

The main symptoms of breast cancer can include: a lump or thickening in your breast or armpit; change to the skin of your breast; changes in the shape or size of your breast; nipple changes or discharge; pain in your breast; any other unusual or persistent changes to your breast.

If you have any concerns about breast cancer then speak to your G.P immediately. For more information about CancerCare contact a member of our friendly support team on 01524 381 820 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.