Beauty & Wellbeing Tips after Cancer Treatment

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Cancer patients often have sore, sensitive, dry, itchy, damaged skin due to the evasive nature of some treatments like chemotherapy.
Leading skin specialist Jennifer Young shares her beauty tips and advice for anyone who is having or has had cancer treatments.

jenniferyounglogoSkin – moisturise regularly
Dry ulcered mouth – suck on ice
Dry, sore, chapped lips – use a natural lip balm twice a day from the start of your treatment
Lost/thin eyebrows – make up techniques can hide the loss
Loss of thinning hair – cooling cap, gentle hair care products, style wigs before hair loss is significant
Lost/sparse eyelashes – make up techniques give the appearance of eyelashes
Lost, fragile, spilt, ridged nails – use natural nail oil
Swollen, blistered hands and feet – avoid exposure to chemicals and keep skin moisturised
Use only natural products
Be gentle with your skin
Use less soap
Moisturise regularly
Protect your skin from the sunIMG 4716

Jennifer has also developed her own range of new beauty products designed specifically for cancer patients using entirely natural & organic ingredients.
The Defiant Beauty range includes moisturisers, cleansing lotions and nail oils, now on sale at both CancerCare’s centres in Lancaster & Kendal. Our Aromatherapists also use the products in their massage work during sessions with clients.

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