Amazing Dads #2!

on Friday, 19 June 2015. Tags amazingdad, carnforth, crossbaychallenge, fathersday, fundraising, halfmarathon

Meet Peter Ellison , our CancerCare Cross Bay Challenge Half Marathon veteran and #amazingdad!

Peter-Ellison-with-Jane-Staniford.jpg80 year old Peter Ellison from Carnforth has a record 8 Cross Bay Challenges for CancerCare under his belt and is getting ready to lace up his running shoes yet again in time for our 10th anniversary event next Sunday! Here he is (pictured below, with CancerCare Fundraising Team Leader Jane Staniford) at last years event.

He said:

"It took me more than three hours but I made it! CancerCare were absolutely brilliant with me and when I finished they presented me with a lovely trophy. My legs were a bit stiff afterwards but I’m not too bad and it was a good day out. I’ve been running for about 50 years and I’ve done the London marathon four times. I still do one long run of 10-12 miles a week and two or three smaller 4-5 mile runs."

"You get to the Kents Bank estuary and the water is above your knees so that’s a bit of an obstacle but its great fun. You are out in the middle of the bay and you look around you and it’s a great feeling. It takes me a long time but I don’t mind, I just plod along at the back – it’s a bit of a laugh. My children think I am a bit mad, which I probably am – you have got to be to be running at my age. But I will carry on while I still enjoy it.”

Good luck for next Sunday Peter!

You are a Cross Bay legend and an #amazingdad!

Join peter and Sign up to the Cross Bay Challenge 2015 Half marathon here!