A Problem Shared: CancerCare’s Top 5 Benefits of Talking Therapy!

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Cancer is more than just a physical issue. Sometimes the emotional impact can hit us the hardest. Fear, anxiety, shock, anger, sadness and loss are just some of the responses we might experience when faced with a diagnosis or bereavement. Whether you’re a patient, carer or family member, dealing with such intense thoughts and feelings all at once can be very overwhelming.

Counselling or ‘Talking Therapy’ as it is often referred to offers a great deal of help and support to anyone struggling to cope through difficult times.

As part of our #TalkToCancerCare campaign here’s our Top 5 Benefits of Talking Therapy:

  1. Talking can reduce anxiety: The more we think about something the more we worry. The more we worry about something the more anxious we feel. However, thinking out loud instead of inside our heads can break this cycle. Sometimes just off loading our thoughts and fears can make us feel instantly better.

  2. It can allow us to take control: When faced with a crisis we might feel completely lost or hopeless. Talking through our concerns and issues and putting things into words can help us make more sense of the events happening in our lives. It can allow us to see a situation much more clearly and can give us a sense of perspective.

  3. You learn lifelong skills: Talking Therapy can change the way we think - forever! It promotes new coping strategies and gives us the confidence to deal with conflict in the future. Talking Therapy is all about learning how to find our own solutions to any issues we may have and how to learn to let go and accept what has happened in our own way. It’s about finding new ways to move forward.

  4. It makes us feel more supported: Even with family & friends around, facing cancer can still be a very isolating & frightening experience. You might feel unable to talk to your loved ones about what you are going through because you don’t want to upset them. Sometimes it’s easier just to talk to somebody outside your circle of family and friends who is not closely involved in your situation. Talking to a stranger means you can be completely honest and open about your feelings. Therapists will never criticise or judge you. Having somebody who will listen and encourage you every step of the way can make you feel valued and appreciated.

  5. It can reassure us: When a loved one dies, feelings of guilt or shame are normal. We may tend to blame ourselves for something we did or didn't do or for things that we wish we did or didn't say or do. Talking through issues with an experienced professional can reassure you that it’s ok to have these thoughts & feelings. You’re not alone! Support groups can also help you connect with other people who've been through a similar experience and allow you to share your own knowledge to help others. Building extra networks of support around you can make you feel stronger and much more confident.

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