A Day in the Life of a CancerCare Aromatherapist

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CancerCare Aromatherapist Lorraine shares a day in her shoes.

My name is Lorraine Grisedale. I have been a Massage Practitioner since 1989, and have been working at CancerCare for the past decade, supporting people who are undergoing anti-cancer treatments and living with its often gruelling side effects. My work also involves offering Therapeutic Massage to carers and bereaved relatives at our Slynedales Centre and at The Royal Lancaster Infirmary (RLI) hospital.aromatherapyresized

A Typical Afternoon at the RLI
aromatherapyMy work is wholly informed by the needs of the patient. I am aware that they may have been sitting for several hours and are often extremely anxious, particularly if it is their first cycle of chemotherapy.
Sometimes the patients receive the massage in the day room, and in this case I offer either a hand and arm, or feet and lower leg treatment, or both, as these interventions require fewer clothes to be removed.
We also have a private room available for the patients who would like to have a back and shoulder, or head and neck massage. This also offers the opportunity for some relief from sitting in the day room, and may allow clients to speak more openly than they otherwise would.

What clients say
Clients report that the massage can help to begin to ease some of their physical and mental tension and stress. The aromatic essential oils also bring some comfort, and I have, for example, been able to use them to address nausea and agitation which are some of the common chemotherapy side effects.
The nurses also often comment on how they enjoy the aroma on the unit!
I really enjoy being able to offer clients support at such a vulnerable time in their lives and working as part of a diverse and talented and dedicated team at CancerCare.

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