Looking forward to and exciting year at CancerCare as Brexit looms

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CEO of CancerCare Neil's Blog

Hello. It's already day 11 of January 2019! I start my blog this week with some reflective thoughts that are linked to a topic which I have so far not mentioned in my blog and that is Brexit.

Now I do not to wish to be political in any way, but as CancerCare looks forward and plans its work for 2019 and beyond, it is impossible not to refer to it.

Only one thing is certain and that is that Brexit will continue to invade our waking hours as we go through the year.

A couple of years ago a big deal was made of the Government's approach to 'Civil Society', with the work and role of the charity sector promised a new dawn of recognition.

To be fair, this has not happened - side-lined maybe - and also hasn't been helped by the behaviour of some charities and responses to the various negative news stories that have cropped up from time to time in the media.

I have just read a report which has highlighted the need for the charity sector to stand up, be connected to its beneficiaries and above else, stay accountable and relevant.

This, the report says, will be more important than ever, whatever the Brexit rollercoaster brings.

I believe that CancerCare is connected and accountable. We will very soon complete the work we started on our refreshed mission, vision and values; the cornerstone of why we do what we do and the way we do it.

Whatever happens I am sure we will continue to focus on clients, delivering excellence and supporting each other.

This week I have been catching up on a number of things and planning my diary of meetings between now and when I retire.

One of the successes for Lancaster and the wider area has been the ice rink in Dalton Square.


It will be back, I am told, in 2019 and I had the chance to meet up with the organisers this week about how we might get involved more this time as they are keen to support a number of charities.

Looking ahead has been a bit of a theme with meetings with our Communications and Marketing Officer, Ingrid Kent, and a number of potential partners as we consider options for a new website and how we use local advertising to better effect, including increased awareness in and around Kendal and the South Lakes. Watch this space as this develops.

On Thursday I spent some quality time with our Chairman, Andrew Birchall.

He is about to visit his son on the other side of the world so he will be away for a little while, so catching up and agreeing my key actions for the coming month or so, was so helpful.

I always think a recap at the start of a new year does you good.

I hope you are all doing this a bit as we look forward. I know that there are so many exciting things all teams are engaged with and are planning to deliver.

I very often refer to the work that all our volunteers do all year round so I am delighted to be joining the Kendal volunteers tonight for their belated Christmas meal and get together. I am looking forward to a good night of food and chatter.

On Saturday Alan and I are off to Manchester to the Royal Exchange to see their five star reviewed production of 'The Producers'. If they want an understudy I am available!

Whatever you are doing, have a great weekend. January is quickly disappearing!



Neil Townsend, Chief Executive Officer